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    If you have been named as a trustee of a trust, whether for a parent’s trust, a sibling’s, your spouse’s, other family member’s or a friend’s, you have a tremendous responsibility in your duty as a trustee. 

    Under California law, a trustee has many responsibilities and duties in handling a trust’s administration.  Before you accept the position, or as soon as possible thereafter, you should meet with an attorney who understands California trust law, and knows how to advise a trustee. 

    Under California law, a trustee of a trust is held to the highest standard of care recognized by law.  I have twenty years of experience in advising trustees concerning their duties and responsibilities. 

    I can’t tell you strongly enough how important it is to get off on the right step as a trustee so you can avoid costly mistakes and court proceedings against you. 

    With the right advice, and adherence to the trust laws, you can successfully manage a trust and deal effectively and efficiently with the trust beneficiaries. 


Trust Administration